• coneflowers and foliage plants next to large container

    Kevin’s Garden Vignettes

    Welcome to Kevin Kelly’s garden, where containers are used as pieces of garden art to accent the plantings. I have been gardening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b), for over 25…

  • Design

    Vignettes in an Oregon Garden

    As the snow falls, it’s such a pleasure to remember summer! These photos were taken in my Corbett, Oregon, garden last May and June. I have been gardening this acre…

  • Design

    Garden Vignettes

    Today’s photos come from Carrie Sass. I love little vignettes throughout the yard, especially when I can use upcycled materials such as slate, grape stakes, and brick. Living in Stockton,…

  • conifers paired with perennials in the landscape

    Conifers Should Come First

    When we first bought our house in 2000, I was pregnant. The previous owner had no interest in the garden. Since there was almost nothing planted, I just threw a…

  • Design

    Creating a Scene

    This designer relied on six strategies to design a garden full of head-turning vignettes