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    Sue’s Favorite Foliage Plants

    Hi from Sue Webel in North Canton, Conneticut (Zone 6a). Recently you asked for us to share some of our favorite foliage plants. Creating interesting foliage vignettes has always been…

  • cohesive garden design

    Create a Botanical Tapestry by Knitting Vignettes Together in Your Garden

    What happens when an avowed plant collector puts down roots on a blank garden slate? When I purchased my property, the small lot in a Zone 5b/6a Denver suburb had…

  • coneflowers and foliage plants next to large container

    Kevin’s Garden Vignettes

    Welcome to Kevin Kelly’s garden, where containers are used as pieces of garden art to accent the plantings. I have been gardening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b), for over 25…

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    Vignettes in an Oregon Garden

    As the snow falls, it’s such a pleasure to remember summer! These photos were taken in my Corbett, Oregon, garden last May and June. I have been gardening this acre…

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    Garden Vignettes

    Today’s photos come from Carrie Sass. I love little vignettes throughout the yard, especially when I can use upcycled materials such as slate, grape stakes, and brick. Living in Stockton,…

  • conifers paired with perennials in the landscape

    Conifers Should Come First

    When we first bought our house in 2000, I was pregnant. The previous owner had no interest in the garden. Since there was almost nothing planted, I just threw a…

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    Creating a Scene

    This designer relied on six strategies to design a garden full of head-turning vignettes