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    Tomato Timing Checklist

    It can be taxing to figure out when to plant, prune, and harvest tomatoes. Plant your seeds too late and you'll never harvest any fruit. Or forget to harden-off your…

  • Article

    Plant an Asparagus Patch

    You've never really tasted asparagus before if you haven't eaten it fresh from the garden. Plant your own patch of asparagus.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow Leeks

    Rich soil, ample water, and big hills are all it takes for a luscious crop

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Why Lettuce Bolts

    When lettuce plants stop making leaves and start making flowers, they turn bitter

  • heading lettuce

    How to Grow Heading Lettuce

    Crisp and crunchy or buttery and tender, heading varieties of lettuce have lots to offer. Expert lettuce grower Renee Shepherd shares her expertise.