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  • almost ripe butternut squash

    Late-Fall Chores in the Northern California Vegetable Garden

    One of the best things about vegetable gardening here in Northern California, is that there’s seldom any true downtime. Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, there are chores…

  • growing shallots

    Growing Shallots in the Southern Plains

    Shallots (Allium cepa var. aggregatum and cvs.) are expensive to purchase in the store, which is one reason I like to grow my own. A member of the allium or…

  • Late-Season Kale

    Growing Late-Season Kale for Extended Color, Texture, and Taste

    As we settle into our summer gardens in the Midwest, the autumn seems to be in the distant future. However, the fall season always seems to arrive before we know…

  • woman holding a large harvest of kale

    Dana and Sarah’s Garden of Eden

    Our 2,400-square-foot backyard vegetable garden is located in Los Angeles (Zone 10B). It is an edible garden of Eden that features over 100 heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.…

  • Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden
    Kitchen Gardening

    Essentials Tools for Your Veggie Garden

    Gardening season is here! Now is the time to get out your garden gloves and tackle your veggie garden needs. Planting, mulching, and general tending are on the calendar, and…

  • vegetable harvest including tomatoes and potatoes

    Beertayday in Minnesota

    We’re off to Minnesota to visit a garden that, on Instagram, has the username “Beertayda,” which means “my garden” in Somali. Today's contributor, like so many of us, says that…

  • using mini hoop tunnels

    How to Build and Use a Mini Hoop Tunnel

    Building a mini hoop tunnel is a quick process with three easy steps. 1. Insert the hoops In my raised beds, I insert the ends of my wire, metal, or…

  • mini hoop tunnels

    Protect Your Veggies With Mini Hoop Tunnels

    Whether you are trying to prevent rabbits from nibbling lettuce, protect newly transplanted tomatoes from frost, or shelter cool-season vegetables into late autumn or even winter, a mini hoop tunnel…

  • late summer flowers around a small table and chairs

    Gardening Through Intense Weather

    Today we’re visiting with Kim Herdman, in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, who has had a difficult gardening year. Fortunately, many of the plants managed to pull through and perform…

  • greenhouse lit up at night

    Stained-Glass Greenhouse in Alaska

    Barb Stigen is sharing photos today of an incredible greenhouse she created with her husband in Alaska. It all started with 36 antique stained-glass windows Barb purchased at an auction,…