Vegetable Garden

  • snap peas

    How to Grow Supersweet Snap Peas

    It’s always a great day when I pick the first snap peas. A lot of the harvest never makes it to the kitchen. Snap peas—which snap like green beans and…

  • different pepper varieties

    How to Grow Peppers That Won’t Let You Down

    Peter Piper may have picked a peck of “perfect” peppers, but for the rest of us, a good harvest of this popular veggie can be more elusive. Peppers, like their…

  • How-To

    Tomatoes for Mountain West Gardeners

    Despite working predominantly in ornamental—especially naturalistic—horticulture, I hold an “interdisciplinary minor in organic agriculture” from Colorado State University. Early in my career I worked primarily in food crops, and before…

  • Swiss chard growing in a rocky vegetable garden

    Which Vegetables to Grow in Rocky Soil and Which to Avoid

    Here in the Northeast, rocks are just a part of gardening life, and even if you are raising vegetables in an old garden (one that's been well tended for decades),…

  • Sword Dance peonies

    Peonies vs. Tomatoes—Discuss | Letter from the Editor

    Folks often say that tomatoes are the gateway plants to becoming a gardener. The idea is that people get truly hooked on this hobby of ours once they grow something…

  • Planted rows of different vegetables in the garden.
    Kitchen Gardening

    New Veggie Varieties to Try This Year

    For what seems like 8 million years, I have grown ‘Tomatoberry’. It’s a small cherry tomato variety that is not rare or superflashy, but it works well for me, so…

  • herbs and vegetables arranged into circle design

    Favorites from Anita’s Garden

    We’re in Yorkville, Illinois, visiting with Anita Drendel again. We saw some photos of her garden in the GPOD recently, and she’s back to share more of her favorites from…

  • An arbor trellis with hanging gourds

    Cool Trellising Ideas

    A trellis is a utilitarian thing. Normally, vines scramble along the ground until they find something to climb on. We gardeners, always seeking to help a plant out, are smart…

  • close up of raised bed filled with mature greens

    Keith’s Vegetable Garden

    We’re visiting with Keith Irvine today, who gardens in chilly Zone 3 in Oxdrift, Ontario. We visited Keith’s garden before (Keith's Zone 3 Garden). I would have to say that…

  • large stone steps leading through the garden with ground covers and container plantings

    John’s Maryland Garden

    My name is John Rohde. My garden is located 15 miles north of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland, in Zone 7b. This is the second full year for this pandemic garden.…