urban garden

  • purple flowers in front of yellow flowers

    Urban Garden in Canada

    I am Jan Le Clair from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been gardening for about 15 years at this historic house, built in 1866. We are three city blocks north…

  • mass planting of smooth hydrangea in the city

    Greenery in the Big City

    Today’s photos are from Don Burgard. My wife and I recently spent a few days at her sister’s apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Kate and I met as…

  • garden seating area surrounded by greenery

    A Garden in the Concrete Jungle, Part 1

    Today we’re off to Toronto, Canada, to visit with Patrick and Dorothy Smyth. Our garden is in the middle of a concrete jungle. A refuge of calm and beauty, it's…

  • Tall ferns with blue and red flowers in front of them

    Jason’s Garden in a City

    Today we’re in Evanston, Illinois, in the Chicago suburbs, visiting Jason Kay’s beautiful garden. I've been gardening since around the age of 12. (I'm now 62.) I’ve had my current…

  • Design

    Lots of Flowers in a Small City Lot

    My name is Emily Kozie, and I garden in Seattle on a small city lot. Here’s a favorite photo from my garden. It shows my shrub rose ‘Lady Elsie May’…

  • Design

    Storage Shed With a Green Roof

    Today we’re visiting with Hylton Jolliffe to see a cool new project. We've got a smallish urban garden in Jamaica Plain, a wonderful neighborhood of Boston. With space at a…

  • Design

    Hidden Paradise in the Heart of Downtown

    My name is Suzanne. My husband and I live in an 1854 brick cottage in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. Even though we are in an urban setting, we have made a…

  • Article

    Small-Space Gardening | Make the Most of a Small Space

    It’s been said that you can tell a lot about people by their gardens. I think mine says that my life is full and varied. As a certified plantaholic, I…