• english country garden in summer

    An English Country Garden in Summer

    During his time designing and maintaining this private English country garden, Istvan Dudas has wholeheartedly embraced the cottage garden style. Being a creative plantsman, however, he still leaves room for…

  • Design

    A Garden Design Expert on Ground Covers, Lower Maintenance, and “Mean-Spirited” Garden Steps

    If you had a few minutes to talk with an award-winning garden designer, what would you ask? Our editor at large, Steve Aitken, was fortunate enough to get some time…

  • Article

    A Botanist’s Garden

    Today’s photos come from Miranda Sipe, who gardens in Frome in the United Kingdom. I've been gardening in Frome for 28 years now. As a botanist by training (and even…

  • Article

    Gardening as an Art Form

    Istvan Dudas, the gardener for a private estate garden in the UK, shared his dreamy, magical perennial borders with us earlier this year, and he’s sent some more images of…