Trial Garden

  • Richard Hawke plant trials

    Episode 154: Putting Plants to the Test with Richard Hawke

    Richard Hawke is the director of ornamental plant research at Chicago Botanic Garden, where he oversees comparative evaluations of ornamental plants. The CBG Plant Evaluation Program has included 117 distinct…

  • crevice garden with purple flowers

    Field Trip to the JC Raulston Arboretum

    In my own gardening life, I just missed JC Raulston. His unexpected death in late 1996 happened just as I started to really get serious about plants. The arboretum that…

  • Chicago Botanic Garden Trial Gardens

    Chicago Botanic Garden Trial Gardens

    For more than a decade, Richard Hawke has been writing for Fine Gardening, giving readers insight into his plant trial results. He is the plant evaluation manager at the Chicago…