• Brandywine tomato

    Growing Tomatoes in the Heat of Summer

    It’s the middle of summer. The tomato plants are lush and full. You harvested a great crop in June, but now the plants refuse to produce fruit. What went wrong?…

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    How to Grow Tasty Tomatoes From Seed

    A long-standing myth among tomato lovers is that home-grown tomatoes taste the best. But it’s the variety of the tomatoes that actually influences the taste, not whether they’re grown on…

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    Growing Tomatoes in the Mid-Atlantic

    As many gardeners know, growing tomatoes in the Mid-Atlantic can be difficult. Diseases and pests can afflict any vegetable, but it seems to be most frustrating when that happens to…

  • Tomato Pruning Made Simple

    Tomato Pruning Made Simple

    I hate pruning my tomatoes. Like a lot of folks, I don’t have the time (or patience) to prune tomatoes the way they are supposed to be pruned. Cutting out…

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    The Best Tomatoes for the Southeast

    Many people’s first foray into gardening begins with a tomato. But not everyone is successful on their first go-around. The southeastern United States brings with it its own unique challenges…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Tomato Tips, Tricks, and Myths Webinar

    It’s no secret that the tomato is a favorite summertime staple. Year after year, countless gardeners rely on this formidable and versatile fruit to mark the arrival of spring and…

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    Expert Picks: The Best Tomato to Add to Your Veggie Garden

    Tomatoes are a favorite crop of many home gardeners, who love the fresh flavor and variety they can achieve when they grow their own. But despite the overwhelming number of…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Tomato Timing Checklist

    It can be taxing to figure out when to plant, prune, and harvest tomatoes. Here are some general timing proto­cols to follow throughout the growing season. ❑  6 to 8…

  • Design

    Three Garden Structures You Can Build

    Lashed poles, hoops,l and sticks give vining beans and tomatoes handsome support. These structures, from the gardens of historic Old Salem, a Moravian village in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are a…

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    How to Downsize

    Today Lynn Rouse is sharing photos of her miniaturized garden. Many gardeners worry about not being able to maintain expansive gardens as they get older, but Lynn shows that you…