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    Za’atar, a renowned herb blend, and events inspired by it.

    There are many recipes for the herb blend of Za'atar and many names for it, depending upon what country you are in. The confusion really begins when the plant known…

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    Za’atar: An Exotic Herb Blend

    Try the recipe below and sprinkle it in or on everything from pita bread to steamed or grilled vegetables, grains, legumes or beans, chicken or fish, eggs, salads, soups and…

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    Thyme, a Robust Herb of Many Uses

    Thyme is an herb of Mediterranean origin. It is useful in all kinds of dishes from appetizers to desserts and goes well with seasonal winter produce as well as grains,…

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    How to Grow Culinary Thyme

    By mimicking their native habitat as closely as possible and by learning how to prune the plants correctly, Rexford Talbert grows thymes in abundance.