sunny gardens

  • creeping plants for sun

    Creeping Plants for Sunny Spots in the Northern Plains

    Spreading ground covers are invaluable in certain garden situations. Over the years they creep along the ground to fill in large spaces easily, saving you a lot of time and…

  • garden in fall with lots of fall flowers

    Changes in Michael’s Garden

    My name is Michael Follose, and since my last submission (Michael's Garden in Oregon and Returning to a Garden After Almost a Decade ), I’ve had two birch (Betula) trees…

  • Design

    Planting a Mixed Sun and Shade Garden

    Design a garden to highlight the best of both

  • How-To

    Build Your Own Raised Beds

    Get more food from better soil with less water with raised beds. Landscape designer Linda Chisari shares her design (and materials list), along with advice on sizing and adding a…