• Tropical-Looking Plants

    Tropical-Looking Plants for Hot Southern Summers

    To us, tropical-looking plants are plants that thrive in the heat and that add a lot of bright color to the summer garden. They are perennial but disappear for the…

  • water fountain surrounded by hydrangeas and ornamental grass

    Kathy’s Labor of Love

    Today we’re visiting Kathy Bishop’s beautiful garden. I live in Portland, Oregon, and my garden has evolved endlessly for the past 25 years. This started as a bare quarter-acre dirt…

  • purple flowers in front of yellow flowers

    Urban Garden in Canada

    I am Jan Le Clair from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been gardening for about 15 years at this historic house, built in 1866. We are three city blocks north…

  • Brandywine tomato

    Growing Tomatoes in the Heat of Summer

    It’s the middle of summer. The tomato plants are lush and full. If you live in the Southern parts of North America, you harvested a great crop in June, but…

  • view of garden through fence gate

    Lena’s Garden in Summer

    Today we’re revisiting Lena White’s North Carolina garden. I submitted photos of my spring favorites (Spring in Lena's Garden), and summer has brought lots of heat to North Carolina as…

  • grouped container plantings look like garden bed

    Turning an Eyesore Into a Garden

    My name is Wema Mojar from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We have an abandoned pool that had become an eyesore, so I turned it into a classic small space garden using…

  • Design

    Summer in Missouri

    A couple of weeks ago we featured Cheryl Moon’s southwest Missouri garden wrapped in snow, and she’s back today with some images from warmer times. I was pleased with the…

  • Design

    An Artistic View of the Garden

    Laura Snyder, in Ottawa, Ontario, sent in some beautifully artistic photos from her garden for us to enjoy: I have just started doing garden maintenance this past year after spending…

  • Design

    Summer Stars That Beat the Heat

    August is a month that discourages even the most tenacious gardeners. Amid sweltering heat, stifling humidity, drought, and a general listlessness, most gardeners retreat to the drone of the air…

  • Article

    You Can Grow a Lot of Hot Weather Plants Down Here in the Ozarks

    I'm still here in the Ozarks after teaching summer folk school classes last week. This gardening season, the gardeners planted lots of plants here with the upcoming Herb Harvest Fall…