spring flowers

  • close up of bulb with white and pink flowers

    Bulbgirl’s Unusual Plants

    Today’s posts are from a gardener who goes by the name "bulbgirl" on Instagram. As you can imagine, bulbgirl grows a lot of very cool bulbs! She lives in southwest…

  • early spring flowers

    Late-Winter and Early-Spring Bloomers for Your Region

    In Jason Reeves's article Plants That Bloom in Late Winter or Early Spring, he discusses how plants that bloom during the coldest time of the year often go underappreciated: "Some…

  • close up of blue bluestar flowers

    Bluestars Shine in Mid-Atlantic Gardens

    Every garden needs a few all-star players on its roster, and any bluestar (Amsonia spp. and cvs., Zones 4–9) would be a great addition to your team. Best known for…

  • pink grape hyacinth

    A Grape Hyacinth With Pink Blooms—Just in Time for Fall Planting

    Looking to add a surprising sea of pale pink color to your spring garden? This lovely grape hyacinth, with its small, charming heads of the lightest pink, will help you…

  • close up of tiny yellow spring flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Spring at Hatley Castle and Gardens

    Cherry Ong has taken us to visit the beautiful grounds at Hatley Castle before, during the summer (GPOD on the Road: Hatley Castle). Luckily for us, she went back this…

  • garden path with rhododendron of various colors on both sides

    GPOD on the Road: The Doris Page Winter Garden

    Cherry Ong is taking us along again to visit a beautiful space, the Doris Page Winter Garden in the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia. As the…

  • garden bed full of irises

    Jane’s Illinois Garden

    Jane is sharing her northern Illinois garden with us today. This year the weather has been favorable for my plants to flourish, with periodic rain and warmth despite the windy…

  • white garden arbor covered in plants

    Rhonda’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today we’re in southeastern Pennsylvania (Zone 6b) visiting Rhonda Molin’s beautiful spring garden. An arbor covered with the bright orange flowers of crossvine (Bignonia capreolata, Zones 5–9) welcomes you to…

  • best peonies

    The Best Yellow, White, and Pink Peonies

    Peonies are among people’s favorite late spring plants for a reason. Their textured, lobed foliage and large size make them stand out even without flowers. But when in bloom, there’s…

  • spring plant with chartreuse foliage and pink flowers

    Spring Garden in La Grange, Illinois

    Helen Rehn is welcoming us into her garden today. I live in La Grange, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I used to long for a lot of sun in my…