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  • Epimedium Pink Champagne

    Epimediums from Eric

    Today we’re visiting with Eric Sternfels. I’ve submitted photos several times before from my personal garden in Northwest Philadelphia (Summer in Eric's Garden). Here are some photos showing my increasing…

  • nodding spring flowers

    Spring in Margot’s Garden

    We’ve visited Margot’s beautiful garden before when the snowdrops were in bloom (Snowdrop Magic in Margot's Garden), but today she’s sharing with us the treasures of her spring garden, which…

  • Design

    Early Spring in Brigitta’s Garden

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, and a few days ago I drove up to Michigan to visit my friend Brigitta Stewart. She runs a small mail-order nursery called Arrowhead…

  • light yellow daffodil

    Celebrating Spring With Carla

    Today we’re celebrating spring with frequent GPOD contributor Carla Zambelli Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Spring is finally back, and every day brings new discoveries in the garden—heirloom daffodils opening all…

  • spring garden

    A Garden Design That Peaks in Spring

    Our home, Tigara, is an Arts and Crafts bungalow that was built in 1913 and overlooks the Salish Sea in British Columbia. When we bought the property in 1991, the…

  • blooms of an apple tree

    Garden Photos from Maureen

    Today we’re visiting with Maureen Budny in North Reading, Massachusetts. Maureen is an amateur photographer and has shared some of her photos with us before (A Photographer's Eye in the…

  • Design

    Close-ups of Spring Flowers

    Barry Severn shared these close-up photos of spring flowers from where he gardens near Toronto, Canada. It’s always nice to look forward to spring as we move into the wintery…

  • Design

    Spring Comes to Massachusetts

    Today we are taking a stroll through Ellie Gilbert’s garden. Spring was a bit late this year in my Zone 6b garden in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but now that it has…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks: Spring Color

    For gardeners, spring can never come fast enough. Whether you've been living in the white and gray of the North for the past couple of months, or simply miss the…

  • Design

    Regional Picks: Spring Color—California

    If your first few trips to the nursery can be overwhelming and chaotic, check out our plant recommendations for spring color in your region. There’s no doubt that these spring…