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  • How-To

    Got Your Soil Test Back? Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know

    Though immensely valuable, a soil test is not a crystal ball. A little knowledge goes a long way in making the most out of your test results. See 5 tips…

  • 5 Tips To Improve Your Garden Soil

    5 Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

    If you garden, you know soil is important. You have undoubtedly witnessed that as gardens grow more bountiful, the ground beneath them becomes proportionately darker, richer, and looser. You have…

  • How-To

    What Happens at a Soil-Testing Laboratory?

    You might have heard of gardeners getting their soil tested, and that this can be a great way to learn more about the soil and what nutrients it might be…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Soil-Testing Basics: The ABCs of NPK

    To grow great soil, you've got to do the groundwork, and that means you have to know what you're working with. Get the dirt on your garden's pH and nutrients.