soil amendment

  • Clay soil

    Amending Clay Soils

    While soils vary considerably across the United States, many gardeners are faced with the challenge of growing plants in heavy clay soil. This may be due to the natural composition…

  • How-To

    Getting to the Coir of the Matter

    Gardeners for years have lined their hanging baskets with long-fiber coir. Learn how this material differs from peat.

  • the making of a leaf mold

    Making Leaf Mold

    Recycle fall's debris to create this organic soil amendment and mulch

  • How-To

    How to Use Vermicompost on Your Plants

    You've got a pot full of rich vermicompost in your hands. Now what do you do with it?

  • How-To

    A Soil pH Primer: Getting It Right Gets Results

    Acidity and alkalinity are measured in pH units. Most vegetables grow best in a slightly acidic soil. Learn how to measure the pH of your soil and then adjust it…