small garden

  • completed garden bed in full bloom

    Rich on a Little Plot of Land in New Jersey

    Hi GPODers! Today we're visiting Dan, who didn't let a yard with a small footprint stop him from creating a magical garden that has become the perfect space to create…

  • shady garden patio surrounded by pink and purple plants

    A Purple Plant Palette in Asheville, NC

    Happy Friday, GPODers! It's safe to say that every gardener has a particular penchant for color. Whether it's a riot of color combinations (flowers and foliage in every hue and…

  • swag of dried flowers hanging over foliage plants

    Fall in the Fern Fairway

    Cherry Ong’s beautiful little side garden that she calls the Fern Fairway is always a little jewel box of perfect plants and wonderful combinations. Recently (The Fern Fairway in Summer)…

  • small backyard garden full of container plantings

    Mark’s Apartment Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Mark Klempner in Philadelphia. I have a bit of a special situation: I live in a rental apartment with a substantial private garden. I'm in the…

  • Design

    The Fern Fairway in Summer

    Cherry Ong, a frequent GPOD contributor from Richmond, British Columbia, has a narrow side yard in her garden that she calls the Fern Fairway. She always makes the most of…

  • three-level fountain in the middle of this small garden

    An Unexpected Garden

    Nicki Snoblin in Lake Bluff, Illinois, found a wonderful little treasure to share with us. Today I would like to share some photos of a tiny garden in an unexpected…

  • grouping of container plants with colorful foliage and bright flowers

    Arianne’s Garden in Minneapolis, Part 2

    Arianne gardens in a small city lot in chilly Minneapolis (Zone 4B) and fills her space with an abundance of beautiful flowers. Even more impressively, she grows many of her…

  • close up of pink and orange multicolored roses

    Revisiting AcAcia’s Garden

    We’re in Houston today visiting with AcAcia Johnson. We’ve visited her garden before to see her beautiful roses, which she grows in containers (Roses in Texas). Today she’s back to…

  • gravel and stone garden paths winding around small beds of tropical plants

    Jonny and April’s Tropical Waterfall Garden

    Our names are Jonny and April, and we are from Barnsley in the north of England. We recently moved into a brand-new property with a rectangle of grass for a…

  • close up of a large pink rose bloom

    Roses in Texas

    Today we’re off to Houston to visit AcAcia’s beautiful garden. Hi y’all! My name is AcAcia. I thank you all so much for joining me on my gardening journey. Gardening…