• garden with lots of pink plants

    Patsy’s Tiered Garden

    We're visiting Patsy Lahue's Colorado garden today. This garden is built in several levels with these beautiful brick retaining walls. I love how this allows all the plants to shine,…

  • slope garden full of perennials

    Cynthia’s Garden

    When we moved to Hamilton, Ohio, in 1998, we purchased the adjacent lot to our north, so we call it the North Lot Garden. The slope above the retaining wall…

  • Design

    Learning to Love Slopes and Shade

    Today we’re off to Canada to visit Holly Longstaff’s garden in West Vancouver, British Columbia. My husband and I started our gardens from scratch after building our new house a…

  • Design

    A Gentle Approach to Planting on a Slope

    When creating a new garden design, I first analyze existing elements, deciding what works, what doesn’t, and why. Architectural and hardscaping elements are a good place to begin. When my…

  • shrubs for slopes

    Shrubs for Slopes

    Tricky inclines are no match for these fast-growing, low-maintenance plants