Shrubs with Berries

  • Berry-Producing Plants

    9 of the Most Beautiful Berry-Producing Plants to Feed the Birds

    Flowers are usually the first things that grab our attention when we are selecting plants to add to our landscapes. However, most plants only flower for a short period of…

  • help birds in winter

    How to Help Birds Survive in Winter

    Our gardens can be valuable habitats for birds, providing nutritious food, nesting sites, and life-saving shelter, especially during the coldest months when overwintering birds are challenged. If we are mindful…

  • shrubs with berries

    Hardy Shrubs With Showy Berries

    Looking to brighten up the fall and winter garden? Consider adding fruit-producing shrubs to your plant palette. Flowering shrubs that develop colorful fall and winter berries not only add beauty…

  • Design

    10 Drought-Tolerant Shrubs

    A few years back, we were hit with the worst drought Alabama had seen in 100 years. It turned out to be the best opportunity we had to see how…