rose garden

  • path leading to patio and arbor covering in climbing rose

    Roses, Despite Fire and Clay

    Today we’re in Redding, California, visiting with Carol Cowee. Here's how it started—bare ground that would become the new rose garden. The soil was compacted, horrible red, rocky dirt. It…

  • front porch with lots of climbing roses all over

    Roses from Patricia’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Patricia Smith. My favorite moments of the day are in my gardens. I love sharing my gardens and photos of my gardens with everyone in hopes…

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    Yvonne’s New Garden in Virginia

    Today we’re visiting with Yvonne Tsikata. My old garden was previously featured in GPOD. In 2017, we moved from that house to a new one. While sad to leave my…

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    Alan’s Garden in Wales

    Today we’re off to Wales to visit Alan Challoner’s garden. I have a semi-woodland garden in Anglesey, and it is almost always giving me flowers no matter the time of…

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    GPOD on the Road: Butchart Rose Garden

    We’re back with what is going to be a semi-regular feature of taking the GPOD on the road to visit great public garden spaces. Today friend-of-the-GPOD Cherry Ong is taking…

  • View of a garden under tall trees

    Making Art with the Garden

    Today we’re in Memphis, Tennessee, visiting Renee’s garden. My name is Renee, and I’ve been gardening about 11 years. We’ve been at our current property six years. I did all…

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    Roses in Lil’s Garden

    We’re back in Lil Holloway’s garden in Bedford, Massachusetts, and today the focus is on roses. I love gardening, but I’m now 80 years old and know the time is…

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    A Celebration of Roses (for a Hot and Humid Climate)

    Today’s photos come from Doug and Elaine Downing of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Our garden has some wonderful roses. But like many rose growers, we have seen a lot of trial…

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    The Rose Garden That Grew

    We’re going back to Nanci Kerby’s home in Napa, California, to see another garden she created. In our backyard is a border of pine/conifer trees. The winds last year blew…

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    Garden Tools for Rose Gardeners

    After plants most gardeners also love garden tools. There is nothing like working with ones of good quality. But what about affordability. In this post we look at some great…