Rock Garden

  • fallen rhododendron flowers around stepping stone path covered in moss

    GPOD on the Road: Darts Hill Garden Park

    Cherry Ong is taking us on another trip, today to a beautiful public garden in Surrey, British Columbia. She says, “Been itching to visit Darts Hill Garden Park to see…

  • path cutting through Irish rock garden

    GPOD on the Road: The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

    My name is Joan Ganley, and I live and garden in Calgary, Alberta (Zone 4). But today I would like to share pictures taken during a trip to Ireland in…

  • stone garden

    Create a Water-Wise Garden With Stone

    As water becomes a critical issue in Southern California, it has become imperative to seek a new definition of what gardening is about and what we want our landscapes to…

  • rock garden

    Grow a Rock Garden in a Challenging Area

    A rock garden can help you overcome a number of challenges in the landscape of the Southern Plains—from poorly drained soil to hot, dry, rocky areas. It provides a means…

  • garden bed with different types of cacti

    Tracy’s Dry Garden in California

    Hi! I'm Tracy, gardening in the East Bay, California, Zone 9b. I've done 100% of the planting here; the space behind the house was just a pile of mud when…

  • garden pond waterfall

    A Garden Jay Made in North Carolina

    We’re visiting with Jay Sifford today. We’ve visited his personal gardens in North Carolina before (Summer in Jay's Garden), but today he’s sharing a garden he created for one of…

  • Article

    James’s Rock Pile Garden in Iceland

    My name is James Rail, an American, who has been living in Gardaber, a suburb of Reykjavik, Iceland, for almost 60 years. Obviously, gardening conditions in Iceland are different with…

  • Large yellow flowers on a cactus

    Last Year in Barry’s Garden

    Today we’re near Toronto visiting with Barry Severn, who has summed up his 2020 gardening year in photos. This photo was taken at one of my favorite times of the…

  • Design

    Saying Goodbye in Arkansas

    Today we’re taking a bittersweet garden tour with Stephanie Edwards in Little Rock, Arkansas (Zone 8a) as she prepares to move to a new garden halfway across the country. We…

  • Design

    Rocky Mountain Rock Gardens, Part II: Plant Picks

    One of the many reasons I love the Mountain West is the astonishing number of perennials that thrive in our landscapes. Less humidity, warm days, and cool nights provide the…