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    Follow These Steps to Grow the Best Sweet Raspberries

    My fondest memory of childhood summers is picking red raspberries from my family’s small patch. The wonderful flavor and fragrance of these berries led me up and down the rows…

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    Jordan’s Mindful Garden

    Today we're visiting Jordan Mara's garden north of Vancouver, British Columbia. My garden is a little different than most—and that’s because my relationship with gardening had an unusual beginning. Rather…

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    Fruit Trees and Berries for the Mountain States

    Apricots, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears add edible interest when planted right into your flower borders. For the typical suburban garden, I highly recommend semi-dwarf or dwarf trees. In my…

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    How to Grow Raspberries

    Select an everbearing variety, practice a few trellising and pruning tricks, and pick berries from July through fall

  • red raspberries

    How to Prune Raspberries

    A hard late-winter thinning is the secret to healthier plants and bigger, sweeter berries

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    Granitas Capture the Flavors of Summer

    Make refreshing fruit ices from your garden berries and fruit.