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    Pruning Shortcuts for the Busy Gardener

    Friends don’t let friends prune without a reason. If you are pruning without a clear idea of why, put down the pruners and walk away from the plant. Trees and…

  • pruning flowering trees

    4 Essential Tips for Pruning Flowering Trees

    Pruning can be intimidating. Many of us fear making a mistake our plants won’t recover from. Overall, trees are resilient; with a little practice and know-how, any gardener should be…

  • pruning smooth hydrangeas

    A Better Way to Prune Smooth Hydrangeas

    All of the hydrangeas in the native hydrangea plant trial done at Mt. Cuba Center bloom on new wood, which means that the flower buds develop when the shrub starts…

  • pruning crape myrtles

    Pruning Crape Myrtles in the Southeast

    Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia spp. and cvs., Zones 6–9) is one of the most popular and beloved shrubs in the Southeast. But knowing how and when to prune is crucial for…

  • pruning young trees

    Proper Pruning for Young Trees

    The act of planting a deciduous tree, particularly one you know will get quite large, comes with thoughts of the size and grandeur it will achieve over time. Knowing what…

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    Tips for Cutting Garden Roses to Bring Them in the House

    We all like to cut rose blooms to bring them in the house. What are some tips to help keep them fresh in the vase. Our guest writer Michael Marriott…

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    Defining Popular Pruning Terms

    Knowing the definition of pruning terms won't automatically make you a pruning rock star. But, you'll probably know more than your neighbor.