Pruning Mistakes

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    Pruning Conundrums | Letter from the Editor

    Well, it turns out that I’ve been pruning my hydrangeas wrong this whole time. Not my bigleafs (Hydrangea macrophylla)—I have only a couple of those left in my beds, since…

  • arborvitae with deer damage

    Avoid These Arborvitae Pruning Pitfalls

    Arborvitaes (Thuja spp. and cvs., Zones 3–11) are a familiar staple in American gardens. Cultivars of Eastern arborvitae (T. occidentalis, Zones 3–7), Oriental arborvitae (T. orientalis, Zones 6–11), and giant Western…

  • pruning a tree

    Five Common Pruning Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

    Have you ever pruned so ineptly that your tree or shrub looks like a caricature? Well, don't despair. Help is at hand.