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    3 Less-Common Grafting Methods

    While cleft grafting and side veneer grafting are two of the most commonly used methods in commercial plant production, there are many other forms of grafting that may be used…

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    Nine Tips for Propagating Houseplants Through Cuttings

    Vegetative propagation, or taking cuttings, is often the best and only viable propagation method that home gardeners can use to make more of their favorite indoor plants. This method is…

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    Learn 5 Ways to Propagate Houseplants Through Cuttings

    There’s nothing more satisfying to a gardener than growing more of the plants you love and doing it from scratch. Whether you’re growing new specimens from a houseplant you already…

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    Two Ways to Propagate Succulents

    Succulents are beautiful and unique, so your first one is sure to make you want more. The good news is that they are easy to propagate. Here are two simple…

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    Plants That Keep On Giving

    One of the first rules that novice gardeners are ordered to abide by is the necessity of using—and, hence, buying—a minimum of three of the same plant. For aesthetics’ sake,…

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    Propagate Your Shrubs From Softwood Cuttings

    With the right tools and conditions, it's easy to propagate new plants from softwood shoots