Poolside Garden

  • garden bed with flamingo garden art

    Jonathan’s Guster Pool Garden

    Today’s photos come from Jonathan Harris, in Maine, who is sharing the garden around his pool, which he calls his Guster Pool Garden, because there are signs on the fence…

  • sunny garden bed full of pink flowers

    Beth’s Poolside Garden

    Today we’re visiting Beth Tucker’s Waxhaw, North Carolina, garden. We have been in this home for five years and had the pool put in three years ago. It’s taken a…

  • poolside garden in full bloom

    Heidi’s Poolside Garden

    My name is Heidi Steffes, and I’ve been gardening on six acres in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for 38 years. While I have many gardening areas, today's photos are from our pool…

  • Design

    Poolside Garden in Maine

    Today’s photos come from Jonathan Harris, a recently retired attorney in Maine. I bought an 1879 vintage Victorian house in 1991. It had been in an estate for several years…

  • low brick wall surrounding an elegant yet relaxed garden

    Where Formal and Natural Meet

    Everyone has been to a house that has a “do-not-touch” room in it. It might be a living room with plastic covers on the couches or a dining room with…