• ground covers for pollinators

    The Best Ground-Cover Plants for Attracting Pollinators

    Although pollinator populations are diminishing worldwide due to habitat loss, climate change, pesticides, and disease, gardeners can slow this decline through cultivating and maintaining safe environments where winged garden visitors…

  • pollinator garden tips

    Tips for Installing and Caring for a Pollinator Garden

    Choosing a palette of plants that will sustain pollinators throughout the growing season is a great start. However, the way you plant and care for your selections can provide additional…

  • late-winter blooming plants

    Late-Winter Blooming Plants for Pollinators in Pacific Northwest

    After the torrential rains of December, it is a wonder that anything is blooming in Pacific Northwest gardens. Thankfully there are great plants that survive the downpours and even flourish…

  • Design

    Butterflies in Barb’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Barb Mrgich in East Berlin, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b). We’ve visited Barb’s beautiful garden before (From Barren Lot to Pollinator Paradise), and today’s she’s focusing on all…

  • several monarch butterflies on goldenrods

    Favorite Natives of the Year

    Today’s photos are from Joseph in Indiana. As we get into fall, I find myself always looking back on the plants I’ve seen that I’d like to add to my…

  • well-behaved vines

    7 Gorgeous Climbing Vines That Won’t Take Over

    While far from the only unruly things growing in our gardens, vines always seem to be the poster children for invasive plants. Many years ago, when Brushwood Nursery was young,…

  • A Rooftop Pollinator Pit Stop

    Take a Video Tour of a Rooftop Pollinator Garden

    Take a tour through a magical pollinator garden located atop a multistory apartment building in the middle of Chicago. Featured in Fine Gardening #213, this garden is an oasis within…

  • close up of light pink coneflower

    Stephanie’s Coneflowers

    My name is Stephanie Stewart, and I live in Averill Park, New York. Lately I’ve seen a lot about coneflowers (Echinacea species and hybrids, Zones 4–9) and I’m not surprised!…

  • pollinator garden

    Reaching New Gardening Heights | Letter from the Editor

    “Can bees even fly that high?” This was a comment made by one of our editors during a planning session for this issue of Fine Gardening. She was referring to…

  • monarch caterpillars

    4 Must-Have Butterfly Host Plants to Support Biodiversity

    Even the most insect-wary gardeners have a special place in their hearts for butterflies. They bring a touch of whimsy and serendipity to our yards, flitting along like fairies and…