pollinator garden

  • a mix of colorful pollinator plants

    Pollinator Plants for Mid-Atlantic Gardens

    Honeybees and butterflies may be the poster children for pollinator awareness, but these charismatic garden visitors actually make up a very small portion of the species that move pollen from…

  • pollinator garden tips

    Tips for Installing and Caring for a Pollinator Garden

    Choosing a palette of plants that will sustain pollinators throughout the growing season is a great start. However, the way you plant and care for your selections can provide additional…

  • hostas and yellow flowers along a garden path

    Celebrating End-of-Summer Beauty with Maxine

    Today we’re in Rotterdam, New York, visiting with Maxine Brisport. Each year I gaze in wonderment of the beauty that graces my upstate New York garden—from the brilliant yellow of…

  • regional pollinator plants

    Pollinator Plants for Your Region

    As digital content editor Christine Alexander explains, pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem and we should all be doing our part to support their populations: "Pollinators play an…

  • A Rooftop Pollinator Pit Stop

    Take a Video Tour of a Rooftop Pollinator Garden

    Take a tour through a magical pollinator garden located atop a multistory apartment building in the middle of Chicago. Featured in Fine Gardening #213, this garden is an oasis within…

  • close up of moth that looks like a hummingbird on a pink bee balm flower

    Visitors in Maxine’s Garden

    We’re in Rotterdam, New York, visiting with Maxine Brisport today. My daily walk through the garden has become a ritual. I absolutely enjoy gazing at the colors and softly inhaling…

  • hardy pollinator plants

    7 Tough Pollinator Plants That Thrive in Punishing Conditions

    These seven tough pollinator plants can take wind, heat, full sun, and extremely well-drained soil without much supplemental water. In An Urban Rooftop Garden for Pollinators, Hayden Regina writes: Standouts…

  • rooftop pollinator garden

    An Urban Rooftop Garden for Pollinators

    Each morning my partner, Steve, and I head up to our rooftop to greet the bees as they begin their days’ work. After all, time is honey. While I sometimes…

  • pollinator garden

    Reaching New Gardening Heights | Letter from the Editor

    “Can bees even fly that high?” This was a comment made by one of our editors during a planning session for this issue of Fine Gardening. She was referring to…

  • new front garden bed after new pollinator-friendly plantings

    Nicki’s New Garden Project

    Today we’re in Lake Bluff, Illinois, visiting Nicki Snoblin’s garden. This year I decided to dig up about a third of my front yard to make a place for sun-loving,…