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    Episode 161: A Field Trip to the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill

    There’s nothing nicer than being outside on a beautiful late spring day, especially if it means you get a whole day away from your desk. Danielle, Carol, and digital editor…

  • Episode 125: Sensational Seed Heads

    Episode 125: Sensational Seed Heads

    Flowers and foliage get most of the fanfare, but a plant with eye-catching seed heads will add interest for weeks or even months after its bloom time is over. The…

  • An Interview with Doug Tallamy

    Episode 120: An Interview With Doug Tallamy

    We are very pleased to bring you a special episode of Let’s Argue About Plants today, featuring an interview with Douglas Tallamy, PhD, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at…

  • Unusual Autumn Perennials

    Episode 118: Unusual Autumn Perennials

    What gardener doesn’t like something a bit out of the ordinary? Especially when it’s a plant that puts on a serious show as the final curtain call is happening. Today…

  • Episode 117: Tender Plants Worth Saving

    Episode 117: Tender Plants Worth Saving

    Nearly everyone can grow tropical plants outdoors during the summer months, but when the first frosts are forecasted, gardeners in colder climates know there will be some tough decisions ahead.…

  • Episode 116: Plants We Should Like, but Don’t

    Episode 116: Plants We Should Like, but Don’t

    They’re tough, they’re hardy, they thrive in almost any location. So why don’t we love them? Give this episode a listen to hear about why—despite the many good attributes of…

  • Episode 115: Underrated Herbs

    Episode 115: Underrated Herbs

    We all know and love parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. And then there’s sweet basil, which is perhaps the queen of all the herbs. But what about those herbs that…

  • Episode 114: Drought Tolerant Woodies

    Episode 114: Drought-Tolerant Woodies

    According to NASA Earth Observatory, one-third of the United States experienced some level of drought in 2020, and 2021 was much the same. This pattern of extended dry weather is…

  • Episode 113: Big and Bold Plants

    Episode 113: Big and Bold Plants

    The original title of this episode was Big and Bold Plants for the Back of the Border. But between the length and the tongue-twister alliteration, we shortened it a bit…

  • Episode 112: Best Cutting Garden Flowers

    Episode 112: Best Cutting-Garden Flowers

    In late May and June, we can’t help wandering out into the garden with a pair of shears in hand. Bringing fresh flowers into the house seems like a seasonal…