Plectranthus scutellarioides

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    Garden Design Basics: Use Two Colors Plus Green

    In a world full of glorious color, why limit oneself to just two when designing containers? Because limitations can be . . . liberating. Color is so seductive that it…

  • Expert Container Designs: How to Combine Plants with Different Needs

    Expert Container Designs: How to Combine Plants with Different Needs

    Container gardening opens the door to unlimited possibilities for creativity. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and start playing with different combinations of plants. One…

  • Designing Containers for Shade

    Designing Containers for Shade

    Designing a container for shade can be a challenge because you are no longer choosing your favorite color of the all-too-familiar geranium or petunia. Choosing plants for a shady container…

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    Peach Goes with Everything

    Think of the color peach, and what pops into your head? If you’re a child of the 1980s, visions of Miami Vice and taffeta bridesmaid dresses most likely spring to…

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    Coloring With Annuals

    Annuals supply shocking color, quickly grow to maturity, and provide the “wow” factor we all want from our gardens. But historically, gardens have been segregated by plant group: vegetables in…

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    One Color Keeps It Simple

    Our world is a riot of beautiful colors, and that extends into the aisles of the garden center. With all those choices to make, however, it can be difficult to…

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    Fire and Ice

    For the 2009 Container Challenge, we asked our readers to create a container design based on a theme of either ice or fire. The idea was to show that plantings…