planting trees

  • pruning young trees

    Proper Pruning for Young Trees

    The act of planting a deciduous tree, particularly one you know will get quite large, comes with thoughts of the size and grandeur it will achieve over time. Knowing what…

  • How-To

    Tips on Buying and Planting Trees and Shrubs in Fall for the Northwest

    I really like the changing of the seasons in the Northwest, and I especially enjoy October. The weather finally starts to cool down from the summer heat, and the refreshing…

  • How-To

    Planting Trees in Fall

    Fall is one of the absolute best times for planting. This rings true for those of us in the South wanting to add trees, shrubs, or more herbaceous perennials to…

  • How-To

    Planting Bareroot Trees

    Take these steps to get mail-order trees off to a healthy start