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  • Design

    Perfect Plant Combinations for the Mountain West

    There is no perfect garden plant, unless one is talking about plastic. All chlorophyll-loaded garden accents have both good and bad visual and cultural attributes. Understanding the weaknesses of your…

  • planting plans for late summer

    3 Gorgeous Planting Plans for a Late-Summer Show

    There's a reason they call these the dog days of summer. Much like our overworked air conditioners, our gardens are now looking rather exhausted. Soaring temps might be good for…

  • bold modern planting plan

    Planting Plan for a Bold, Modern Garden

    When Robin Parsons took on the job of designing this Zone 8b garden overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, she had a challenge on her hands. The steel-and-glass home was situated…

  • Design

    Planting Plan for a Mature Garden Makeover

    In the article How to Make Changes to a Mature Garden, Laura Trowbridge explains how her long border acquired its present appearance: "It was a difficult decision, but last spring…

  • geometric garden plan

    Planting Plan for a Geometric Garden

    In Geometry Makes a Garden Better, landscape designer Warren Leach takes us through his process of designing a small garden for Peter and Shirley Williams of North Grafton, Massachusetts. Warren…

  • stylized meadow plants

    Planting Plan for a Stylized Meadow

    In the article Designing a Stylized Meadow (Fine Gardening #209), garden designer Jay Sifford takes readers through the steps he used to turn a sloped front yard into a lush,…

  • Design

    Taming a High Impact Design Planting Plan

    See plant IDs from Taming a High Impact Design, from Issue #189 of Fine Gardening Magazine. I have been a horticulturist long enough (and have made enough mistakes) that I…