• the best petunias

    The Best Petunias: Trial Results from Southeast Universities

    My garden is not heavily planted with flowering annuals. I focus more on trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials. However, I can’t resist adding color to my containers and filling blank…

  • Design

    Expert Tips for a Late-Summer Show

    If you want to add excitement to your autumn garden, easygoing annuals and over-the-top tropicals can be the key to a wow-worthy late season. Horticulturist Tim Erdmann from Longwood Gardens…

  • Design

    A Garden as Pretty as a Painting

    Today’s photos come from Andrea McCollum of Hamilton, Ohio. We are two senior gardeners who met online about 15 years ago. My romantic partner wanted to create, through gardening, a…

  • Design

    Late Summer in Zone 3

    Marion Taylor sent us photos earlier in the summer of her Zone 3 garden in Manitoba, Canada, and today we're featuring what’s looking good in late summer. She says, “We…

  • Design

    More Sunflowers, More Wildlife

    Today’s photos come from Lisa McMillin in Boise, Idaho. I live in Boise’s historic North End, in a bungalow more than 100 years old. I’ve been gardening for 30 years,…

  • Design

    Solace and Inspiration Found in the Garden

    My name is Terry Hartman, and I live in Plano, Texas. I have been practicing natural landscaping for 37 years. The one thing I have learned about gardening is that…