• different pepper varieties

    How to Grow Peppers That Won’t Let You Down

    Peter Piper may have picked a peck of “perfect” peppers, but for the rest of us, a good harvest of this popular veggie can be more elusive. Peppers, like their…

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    Must Have Shishito Peppers for Foodies

    The IT pepper this season is an old Japanese variety that's quite a tasty tidbit. If you like growing vegetables for munching, this is the one to have.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Start Pepper Seeds

    If you like to grow unusual peppers, you’ll need to start from seed. Hundreds of pepper varieties are available to gardeners who take time to plant seeds, instead of the…

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    From Paprika Seeds to Paprikash

    It’s satisfying to have an idea in January, start seeds in March and help a plant flourish. It’s even more satisfying to turn that fruit into a dish for a…

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    Reader Recap: How Did Your Garden Grow?

    What were you happiest with in your garden during the 2012 season? Please share your most successful gardening tips, best plant recommendations and other good growing ideas.

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    ‘Cayennetta’ is New Pepper for 2012

    All-America Selections has named the ‘Cayennetta’ pepper a Vegetable Award Winner for 2012. Here’s what you need to know to grow this mildly spicy pepper.

  • If rainbow colors are your thing, plant some bell peppers. You can get a color burst of peppers from one variety. 'Islander' is a chameleon, turning green, yellow, purple, orange, and red. Photo/Illustration: Boyd Hagen

    How to Grow Bell Peppers

    Sweet peppers offer a summer finale to savor.