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  • Assiniboine Park sensory Garden

    GPOD on the Road: Assiniboine Park Gardens

    Happy Friday, GPODers! Last Friday I shared some wildflowers I spotted on my travels through Ontario last summer, but the trip did not stop there. As I continued my way…

  • plant pairings

    Boost Your Garden’s Brilliance with These Spectacular Plant Pairings

    Many plants that deliver high visual impact are rambunctious. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are aggressive, but when planted in masses (or sometimes singly) they can get out of…

  • large garden bed full of warm-season ornamental grasses

    3 Warm-Season Ornamental Grasses That Excel in the Mountain West

    My career in ornamental horticulture has led to the development of a working theory: Ornamental grasses are an acquired taste for most gardeners. This theory grew from personal experience (my…

  • close up of pink and orange ornamental grasses

    Impressionism in a Meadow Garden

    Today we're visiting TJ Mrazik's garden in Worcester, Pennsylvania. My home garden has won four Blue Ribbon awards from my state horticultural society. It is a naturalistic, meadow-style garden with…

  • Episode 147: Great Native Grasses

    Episode 147: Great Native Grasses

    If you like the beauty and impact that ornamental grasses bring to a garden design, you will love the many shapes, forms, and colors that North American native species offer.…

  • foliage plants in various colors in fall

    Fall in John’s Garden

    My name is John Markowski, and I garden in Zone 6B in central New Jersey. My property is inundated with deer, and the soil drains poorly, so I've built my…

  • alternative to pampas grass

    Golden Sunset® Yellow Prairie Grass Is a Great Native Substitute for Invasive Pampas Grass

    Dazzled by the big, bold inflorescences of pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana and cvs., Zones 5–11) but not the invasiveness? Check out Golden Sunset® yellow prairie grass. This native, selected by…

  • Essential Plants for the Fall Garden

    Essential Plants for the Fall Garden

    Many plants have something to ­offer as the growing season winds down, but to truly take advantage of the best of fall, one should grow the three pillars of the…

  • close up of pink ornamental grasses

    Grasses and Other Fall Beauties

    Today we’re in the garden of Thomas Mrazik in Worcester, Pennsylvania. Here is a photo from my home garden meadow, Goodly Gardens (Zones 6/7). In the midst of fall the…

  • brown ornamental grasses and perennials in fall

    Fall in John’s Garden

    My name is John Markowski. I garden in Zone 6B, in rural New Jersey, where I'm surrounded by deer and the soil is wet clay 24/7. Because of that, I…