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    Northwest: January Garden To-Do List

    Now that the beginning of the year is here and the days are getting longer, you’ll probably want to start getting outside to tackle a few chores in the garden…

  • evergreen plant

    Intriguing Evergreens for the Northwest Garden

    I love a cold frosty morning. It’s lovely to wander the garden (coffee in hand to keep my fingers warm) looking for new views of winter magic. This is the…

  • collecting plant seeds

    Fall Seed-Saving in the Northwest

    Days are getting shorter, and there is a soft glow to the sunlight. That can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us. With this season comes a sense of…

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    Northwest November Garden To-Do List

    November in the Northwest can often be a wet and windy affair. The rain can make it challenging to get out in the garden without some type of rain protection,…

  • tall sunflowers in the middle of a dense garden bed

    Lessons Learned From a New Garden

    My name is Hayden Brown, and I am a 28-year-old gardener in Hillsboro, Oregon, Zone 8. Having grown up on a farm, gardens and the outdoors were a huge part…

  • shady garden full of lush greenery

    Cherry’s Visit to Milner Gardens

    Regular GPOD contributor Cherry Ong has been sharing some incredible gardens she visited this year. I had a chance to visit some gardens on Vancouver Island this August. One of…

  • apples rotten from apple maggot

    Pest Control for the Northwest: Apple Maggot

    As summer starts to heat up and everything edible starts to ripen, gardeners start worrying about apple maggots (Rhagoletis pomonella) in their apple trees. Long established in eastern North America,…

  • bird feeder in a pollinator-friendly garden

    Washington State Pollinator Garden

    Today’s photos are from James Mahar. We own 21.5 acres in Washington State dedicated to wildlife, including a 20,000-square-foot spot specifically for pollinators. Here are a few photos. This area…

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    Northwest September Garden To-Do List

    September in the Pacific Northwest is a very transitory time. The garden wants to continue summer but is also headed into fall. The two distinct chore paths for gardeners can…

  • garden path leading to small patio

    Lila’s Garden Makeover

    Today we’re visiting with Lila Johnson (whose garden we’ve visited before: The Flowers of August). My garden has been featured in the GPOD previously, but after much thought and several…