• Growing Peaches and Nectarines

    How to Grow Peach and Nectarine Trees

    Maria called me one August day and asked me to visit her and her fig trees. Originally from Italy, Maria is very short, very sturdy, and 80-something years old, and…

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    Summer Fruits: From Salads to Shortcakes

    When I eat a dead-ripe peach, it is usually over the sink with the juice dripping down my chin and hands. When I am feeling more civilized, I do enjoy…

  • How-To

    Two Ways to Prune New Fruit Trees

    Pruning is an art and a science. And with fruit trees, it is essential for health and robust harvests. Mature fruit trees are pruned annually to maintain their size and…

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    Peachy Keen

    I am always seeking the perfect peach. Fortunately, they come to us every year, along with the other wonderful stone fruits of summer. What I am saying here is eat…