native plants

  • how to create a butterfly garden

    How to Create a Butterfly Haven

    I will never forget when I became hooked on butterflies. It was 2007, my first year working at Powell Gardens in Kingsville, Missouri. Each spring the garden includes milkweeds (Asclepias…

  • rustic cabin garden

    Another Visit to Mel’s Rustic Cabin Garden

    We're returning to Mel's gorgeous New York State garden today. I sent in a GPOD entry in March 2022: Mel's Rustic Cabin Garden. This submission focused on the summer garden,…

  • easy-to-grow wildflowers for the Southwest

    Easy-to-Grow Native Wildflowers for the Southwest

    Brilliant wildflower displays are legendary in much of the Southwest, but they don’t occur every year. In fact, a widespread display only happens about once every ten years or so.…

  • native annuals

    Native Annuals and Biennials for Rocky Mountain Gardens

    Over the last decade or so, the swelling interest in ecological gardening, particularly in the use of native rather than introduced plant species, has proven itself one of the most…

  • southern native plants

    Southern Native Plants That Can Work in Almost Any Garden

    The South has much more to offer the rest of the country than the culinary delights of barbecue pork, pimento cheese, and fried green tomatoes. Strolling through woodlands of the…

  • native woodland garden

    Turning a Soggy Site into a Native Woodland Garden

    When Lindsey Cline and Corey Shrader purchased their 9-acre property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, it would be an understatement to say that there was a lot of…

  • swallowtail butterfly on a bright purple flower

    A Pollinator Garden on Lake Huron

    Today we’re visiting with Laura Pisko and her lake-house garden on the east shore of Lake Huron in Ontario. For 10 years I have been developing a pollinator garden in…

  • a large white flower growing in the middle of smaller pink flowers

    The Harvey Garden in Texas

    My name is Ryan Harvey, and I have been gardening with my wife, Kristin, and our Yorkie, Emmitt, for eight years in Austin, Texas, Zone 8b. We focus mainly on…

  • close up of light pink flowers with yellow centers

    Unusual Beauties From Wiley

    Today’s photos are from Wiley Bennett in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shooting star (Dodecatheon meadia, Zones 4–8) is a beautiful and not too commonly grown native wildflower. Tiarella cordifolia (Zones 4–9)…

  • stone garden path through the garden

    Brenda’s Garden Full of Native Plants

    I’m Brenda and have been gardening all my life, inspired by my grandmother. When I was very young, I would visit my grandparents’ home in upstate rural New Hampshire, and…