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    Episode 161: A Field Trip to the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill

    There’s nothing nicer than being outside on a beautiful late spring day, especially if it means you get a whole day away from your desk. Danielle, Carol, and digital editor…

  • native plants for poor soil

    Native Plants That Do Well in Poor Soils

    If only every garden was blessed with free-draining, loamy soil with the perfect pH and balance of nutrients. Life would be so easy and the choice of plants gloriously abundant.…

  • grass path through trees in spring

    Sheila’s Spring Wildflowers

    Hello and happy Monday, GPODers! When I checked the GPOD inbox last week I was excited to see another person who had recently gone "plant watching" and shared some photos…

  • Mohrs rosinweed

    Mohr’s Rosinweed Is an Impressive Native Pollinator Plant

    I was first introduced to Mohr’s rosinweed on a botanizing trip to northern Alabama. It’s a true native stalwart and one of the many durable plants in the genus Silphium…

  • Canada mayflower plants growing in the shade of a tree

    A Field Guide to Plant Watching

    Happy Monday GPODers! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend with lots of time spent in the garden. If not in the garden, I hope you at least had an opportunity…

  • close up of light purple Giant waterleaf flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Wildflowers of Southern Indiana

    It is your GPOD editor, Joseph, here today, sharing photos of more wildflower adventures, this time in southern Indiana. It is amazing to me what beautiful flowers I saw and…

  • close up of light purple woodland phlox blooms

    GPOD on the Road: Cincinnati Wildflowers

    Joseph here, your GPOD editor. Last week I was in the Cincinnati area for a work project, and I took some time to hike in a few area parks. It…

  • close up of orange and purple wildflowers with mountains behind

    Utah Wildflowers

    My name is Anna Lindquist, and I'm a personal and professional plant nerd based in the Intermountain West. I'm especially enamored with native plants and am constantly in awe of…

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    Lady Slippers in Massachusetts

    Michael C. LaFerney in Lakeville, Massachusetts, shared a few photos with us . . . . . . of some lady slippers. Okay, bad joke, but wow! That is an…

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    Great Native Plants for Western Gardens

    In his article Weaving Vignettes Together, horticulturalist Dan Johnson gives us a look into his home garden in Denver, where he uses repeated plant groupings and consistent hardscaping to unify…