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  • bee on a pink dahlia

    7 Simple Ways to Help Pollinators

    We gardeners are becoming more aware of our changing world, not just the climate but also the habitat reduction for pollinators. Landscape designers are becoming more aware and responding by…

  • monarch caterpillars

    4 Must-Have Butterfly Host Plants to Support Biodiversity

    Even the most insect-wary gardeners have a special place in their hearts for butterflies. They bring a touch of whimsy and serendipity to our yards, flitting along like fairies and…

  • Design

    Native Shrubs That Do It All in the Mountain West

    A trend I see among many gardeners is experimenting with “new” perennials, either novel cultivars from breeders or older varieties that the plantsperson in question has never grown. Most of…

  • native meadow plants

    Native Meadow Plants for Pollinators in the South

    As pollinators disappear at alarming rates, maybe it’s time to set aside a little meadow in every yard—an area of space where native flowering plants and grasses can thrive and…

  • best native hydrangeas

    The Best Native Hydrangeas: Plant Trial Results

    Everyone loves hydrangeas, but nobody wants to see a year’s worth of blooms wiped out by a deep winter freeze or a badly timed pruning session. Fortunately, there are a…

  • lacecap hydrangea

    Which Smooth Hydrangeas Are Best for Pollinators? Mophead or Lacecap?

    Wild hydrangea inflorescences, technically called corymbs, are typically flat to dome-shaped clusters containing hundreds of individual flowers, some fertile, some sterile. The mix of sterile and fertile flowers determines the…

  • close up of yellow trout lily flowers

    Ohio Natives in Bloom

    Spring is when the native wildflowers in the woods really show off. I love this time of year, when I can go out to look for all my favorites in…

  • native sedges

    3 Hardy Native Sedges You Should Grow

    Being an undercover plant addict is my worst-kept secret. Sedges (Carex spp. and cvs., Zones 3–10) are my current fixation. I think spending so many years hooked on hostas (Hosta…

  • how to create a butterfly garden

    How to Create a Butterfly Haven

    I will never forget when I became hooked on butterflies. It was 2007, my first year working at Powell Gardens in Kingsville, Missouri. Each spring the garden includes milkweeds (Asclepias…

  • rustic cabin garden

    Another Visit to Mel’s Rustic Cabin Garden

    We're returning to Mel's gorgeous New York State garden today. I sent in a GPOD entry in March 2022: Mel's Rustic Cabin Garden. This submission focused on the summer garden,…