• moss garden

    Tips for Creating a Moss Garden

    Most people have that shady patch in their yard where turf struggles but moss is abundant. Products and techniques are promoted for the purpose of eradicating this primitive member of…

  • Design

    Stephanie’s Moss Garden

    My name is Stephanie Weisser. I live in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, Zone 6b. My husband, Michael, and I have been gardening for almost 40 years. The plants are my purview, and…

  • Design

    Garden Details

    Today’s photos come from Ellen Kirby in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We previously featured her garden here, here, and here. This photo focuses in on a tiny piece of beauty. Sometimes…

  • Article

    Gardening as an Art Form

    Istvan Dudas, the gardener for a private estate garden in the UK, shared his dreamy, magical perennial borders with us earlier this year, and he’s sent some more images of…

  • Article

    The Tranquillity of Winter

    Linda Skyler shared these images of a really incredible garden. She writes: "Although this seems a very uneventful time of year at the Bloedel Reserve, the tranquillity of walking through…

  • potting soil spilling out of a container

    Potting Soil Put to the Test

    In their natural environment, plants get everything they need to stay healthy from the soil: water, nutrients, and air. Most well-established plants living in soil rarely need more than an…

  • Design

    Moss Makes a Lush Carpet

    This easy-to-tend ground cover forms the foundation of a sculpted woodland retreat