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    Flowers and Visitors in Nancy’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Nancy Stewart. I live near Syracuse, New York. I’ve been gardening most of my adult life. (I’m now 84 years old.) I am getting more into…

  • Lysimachia

    Cheer Up a Shade Garden With This Well-Behaved Perennial

    So often when you plant a Lysimachia in the garden it is fun for a while, but then you realize you have unleashed the plant version of the Borg from…

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    Uncommon Evergreen Perennials

    Perennials play such a pivotal part in the garden, bringing flow and floral dialogue to the design narrative. Then winter closes the book on the season, leaving bare ground where…

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    Pot Up Some Privacy

    Sometimes we just need a little privacy to shield us from the realities of our neighbors’ lives, regardless of how much we like them. Building a fence or planting a…