low growing plants

  • Purple poppy mallow

    Low-Growing, Native Perennials for the Southern Plains

    Do you ever have a spot in your garden, usually at the very front of a bed, that needs a short plant? Maybe you even want it to grow up…

  • Design

    10 Small Plants to Grow Now

    The front garden where my property hits the road had enough of a slope to make mowing the grass a little iffy. Like any good gardener, I thought, “Why grow…

  • ground covers

    Tough Ground Covers

    These tough and decorative ground covers will fill your garden gaps with style

  • ground covers

    Got a Little Ground to Cover?

    One garden cliché that drives me crazy is that ground covers are rambunctious troublemakers. The problem is that a few aggressive thugs give the entire lot a bad name. Most…