low growing plants

  • Hardy ice plant

    Evergreen Ground Covers for the Southwest

    From erosion control to weed suppression, ground covers play an important role in the garden. They benefit neighboring plants by shading the ground, which helps keep soil cool and reduces…

  • Purple poppy mallow

    Low-Growing, Native Perennials for the Southern Plains

    Do you ever have a spot in your garden, usually at the very front of a bed, that needs a short plant? Maybe you even want it to grow up…

  • Design

    10 Small Plants to Grow Now

    The front garden where my property hits the road had enough of a slope to make mowing the grass a little iffy. Like any good gardener, I thought, “Why grow…

  • Mounding plants tumbling over a retaining wall’s edge combine with bright spikes of perennial flowers and architectural grasses to wrap a patio in color and texture.

    How to Turn Your Patio Into a Garden Oasis

    The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but for most of us, the patio is the center of the backyard. Whether we use it as a place for…

  • ground covers

    Tough Ground Covers

    These tough and decorative ground covers will fill your garden gaps with style

  • ground covers

    Got a Little Ground to Cover?

    One garden cliché that drives me crazy is that ground covers are rambunctious troublemakers. The problem is that a few aggressive thugs give the entire lot a bad name. Most…