• New England aster

    ‘Grape Crush’ New England Aster Is Long-Blooming and Has a Wonderful Mounding Form

    Sometimes plants are just like us gardeners and can’t wait to get going at the beginning of the season. Often our gardens trumpet forth in a symphony of color and…

  • Design

    Catmints for the Northwest

    I really enjoy it when mid to late summer rolls around in the Pacific Northwest. We transition from the typical “Juneuary” weather of cooler temperatures and rain to summer’s sunshine…

  • Fragrant tea olive

    Autumn-Flowering Trees

    Fall is an exciting time in the garden, with cooler temperatures resulting in foliage taking on its characteristic yellow, orange, and red tones. Trees that flower in autumn, however, are…

  • ‘Caroline’ clustered campanula

    The Best Varieties of Campanula

    Contemplating the myriad of campanulas makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The diversity of floral shapes, blossom colors, and plant habits is both astound­ing and enticing.…

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    Hellebores Cure the Late-Winter Blues

    Here's what to look for when choosing the best Oriental hybrids

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    Perennials for the Edge

    These short and sweet plants deserve a spot in the front row along beds and walkways and in containers.