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  • garden bed with lots of yellow flowers

    Julie’s Garden in Late Summer and Fall

    This is Julie Prince (Julie's Georgia Garden), with a few pictures from the late summer and fall garden. The pool garden was started in the summer of 2020. The front-drive…

  • container plantings of shade plants under a tree

    End of Summer in Carla’s Garden

    We’re in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today, visiting with Carla Z. Mudry. She’s reflecting on the tail end of summer in her garden. The summer has flown by! It has been a…

  • close up of bright pink peony

    How to Help Perennials Bloom Longer into Summer

    Enjoying the beauty of plants and flowers is the number one reason most of us love to garden, so it’s always fun to find new ways to help our plants…

  • late summer perennials

    Perennials That Bloom in Late Summer

    Even the most well-planned border can look a bit shabby or even colorless by mid to late summer. Gaps can occur for many reasons, such as long summer heat waves,…

  • dwarf sunflower

    Enjoy Cheery Late-Summer Blooms from ‘Happy Days’ Sunflower

    Adding a splash of sunflower sunshine is a whole lot easier with this dwarf hybrid. It is a perfect fit mixed into large borders or showcased in tight spaces. A…

  • small table in the garden set with a vase of pink hydrnageas

    Late Summer in Sharon’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Sharon Danovich Lupone in Pittsburgh. We’ve been to her garden before (Sharon's Pennsylvania Garden, Part 2 and Sharon's Pennsylvania Garden), and today she’s sharing some views…

  • praying mantis ona burnt orange dahlia

    A Challenging Year in the Garden

    Christina Tyzzer is sharing a look back at the gardening year with us as we move into fall. We garden in Indiana in Zone 6a. It has been a hot,…

  • close up of Crocus speciosus

    Late-Season Favorites

    It's Joseph, your GPOD editor, here. In my northern Indiana garden the dahlias are in peak bloom, and there is a little chill in the air in the mornings. So…

  • close up of a large pink and yellow dahlia flower

    Summer in Lynn’s Garden

    We’re in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today visiting Lynn Crawford’s garden. We’ve been to Lynn’s garden before (Peonies and Other Favorites; Flowering Tonight Only!), and today we’re looking at some summer blooms. What…

  • Zimbelstern sneezeweed

    Wrap Up Summer With the Bright Blooms of ‘Zimbelstern’ Sneezeweed

    Sneezeweeds won’t make you sneeze, but they will make you smile. Their cheery blooms come along to make you happy right when summer is starting to wear you down. One…