lamb's ears

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    Plants the Deer Don’t Eat

    Susan Esche has been facing the same problem as many gardeners: hungry deer. My rural garden near a lake is becoming increasingly popular with the local deer, and this is…

  • Article

    Making Perfect Vignettes in the Garden

    Today’s photos come from Russell Camp. For his day job, he manages about 2,400 acres of school campus landscapes and sports turf for a large K-12 district near Atlanta. If…

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    A Cottage Garden in Connecticut

    Greetings from Darien, Connecticut. My name is Andrea Huntington, and I've enjoyed working on my cottage gardens at my 1780s home. This little garden includes foxglove (Digitalis purpurea, Zones 4–9),…

  • examining plants

    Dividing Perennials: Tools, Techniques, and Timing

    Take your cues from root systems and weather conditions