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  • Japanese style courtyard garden

    The Small World of a Japanese-Style Courtyard Garden

    Hi GPODers! Today we've got an incredible garden story from a frequent GPOD contributor that is a demonstration of how magically small our big world can be. Bas Suharto has…

  • view of the water fountain and statues in the japanese-style garden

    Dale’s Japanese Garden

    Today we're visiting a part of Dale Dailey's garden. In 2010, I decided to transform a quiet area in our large garden into a more contemplative space. In the spring,…

  • garden path made of sliced logs

    Yvonne’s Woodland and Japanese-Inspired Gardens

    We visited Yvonne’s new Virginia garden (Yvonne's New Garden in Virginia) on the GPOD before, and today she’s sharing more. I’m sending two sets of pictures—one for the woodland walk…

  • bridge over small stream cutting through the garden

    GPOD on the Road: Spring from the Takata Japanese Garden

    Today friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us along to the Takata Japanese Garden at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific (HCP) in Victoria, British Columbia, which she…

  • entire view of garden with large stone border

    Bob’s Japanese-Style Garden

    We recently visited Bob and Linda Vivian’s beautiful Pennsylvania garden (Gardening in Pennsylvania), and today Bob is welcoming us back to take a tour of their Japanese-style garden. This view…

  • perfectly shaped shrubs

    Where’s Cherry? Burchart Japanese Garden

    Cherry Ong, friend of the GPOD, has enjoyed traveling to wonderful gardens lately and sharing incredible photos with us, so we’re starting today what is going to be a semi-regular…

  • Design

    A Japanese-Style Garden in Ottawa

    Today we’re visiting with Bas Suharto. I live in Ottawa, Canada, in Zone 5B. I have been gardening since 2007 when I was a student. Gardening in Ottawa is not…

  • Japanese Garden

    Elements of a Japanese Garden

    The art and craft of the Japanese garden continues to thrive today after well over 1,300 years in Japan and for the last 150 years in various points west and…

  • Design

    Creating a Scene

    This designer relied on six strategies to design a garden full of head-turning vignettes