• invasives in the midwest

    Identifying and Controlling Common Invasive Plants

    As another gardening season kicks into gear, one of the more unsavory, yet necessary, tasks is scouting for problematic, common invasive plants. These undesirable plants typically infiltrate our gardens, meadows,…

  • invasive plants to avoid

    Invasive Plants to Avoid in Northern California

    Invasive plants are nonnative introductions that have the ability to germinate, establish, thrive, reproduce, and spread to other areas without any help from humans. They're the tough, rugged trespassers that…

  • Canada thistle in bloom

    Remove These Regional Invasive Plants

    I am fortunate to live with open space adjacent to my backyard. It provides beautiful views and access to nature and abundant wildlife. The only negative aspect is the presence…

  • invasive plants

    How to Get Rid of Invasive Plants

    Invasive plants are more than just weeds. Beyond the garden they can cause serious economic and environmental damage, and sometimes even harm to human health. Invasive nonnative species typically tolerate…

  • How-To

    Two Aggressive Invasives to Watch Out For: Purple Loosestrife and Orange Hawkweed

    While there are many different threats to the health and well-being of our natural landscapes and gardens, invasive species are one that we need to be especially mindful of. If…

  • Article

    Mile-a-Minute Weed

    Mile-a-minute weed is a scary plant. It can grow up to 6 inches per day, and it strangles anything in its path. If you live in the Northeast, beware.