Integrated pest management

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    How to Manage Pests Sustainably With IPM

    Integrated pest management (IPM) may sound complicated, like something only professionals can do. But this commonsense approach to maintaining garden health is actually something we all can work into our…

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    Book Review – Good Bug Bad Bug

    Good Bug Bad Bug, by Jessica Walliser, is an indispensable field guide for quickly and easily identifying the most common garden pests and beneficial insects.

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    Book Review: Texas Bug Book: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Texas Bug Book is a glossary of the most common pests and beneficials around the garden.

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    Thoughts on Organic Gardening

    "Organic gardening" is a term that's gone from hip buzzword to nearly completely invisible in a sentence simply because the term feels overused. This is a shame because organic gardening…

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    How to Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    Utilizing the method of Integrated Pest Management how I garden - period. I'm probably going to get strung up by the organic gardening police for that admission; but before you…

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    What is Sustainable Gardening?

    “Sustainable gardening” is a cool term if I've ever heard one. It sounds edgy in an incredibly responsible sort of way. In suburban farmer (that would be me) speak it’s:…