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    Dealing With Stressful Times With Plants

    Today we’re in Oklahoma City, visiting Treyon’s indoor plant collection: I started gardening about a year and a half ago. I started as a means to decompress, get grounded, and…

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    Growing Plants Indoors and Out

    Today’s photos are from Pauline, aka The Awkward Domestic. I’m a 32-year-old novice gardener living in the DC metro area. I have always enjoyed caring for plants, but I got…

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    Succulents Indoors: As Easy as You Might Think?

    You want to bring your succulents indoors, and who can blame you? Succulents are refreshingly offbeat, bordering on freaky in their physical appearance. Envision the botan­ical version of a rhinoceros,…

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    Break the Houseplant Rules

    I started collecting houseplants in 1979, right about the time I found James Underwood Crockett’s houseplant book, Crockett’s Indoor Garden, at a garage sale for 50 cents. I was a…

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    Houseplant Myths

    Admit it: you are dying to adopt something green and growing into your home. But you hesitate. Although you might be a whiz in the garden, somehow translating those skills…

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    Bring It In!

    Tropical plants are a major part of my home garden. It requires effort to lift them every fall and replant them in spring, but it’s worth it to have a…