• profile of Charles Edgar Dickinson Jr

    Profiles in Botany: Charles Edgar Dickinson, Jr.

    Haters have been around for a long, long time. They existed well before the late great legend of hip-hop the Notorious B.I.G. helped popularize the term to the mainstream in…

  • Margaret James Murray Washington

    Profiles in Botany: Margaret James Murray Washington

    There is a Holy Trinity of work done by hand that the most revered Black rural Southern women—ones that have been given sainthood status in the community—have all seemed to…

  • Design

    Marie Clark Taylor and the Wonder of “Aliveness!”

    Have you ever looked at a living plant cell under a microscope? Though science classes across the country offer this opportunity routinely now, it was once a quite rare occurrence.…

  • How-To

    How a Plant Gets to Market

    Why should you care where your petunia comes from? The best reason is that knowing the basics behind any consumer-goods supply chain leads to a better understanding of cost and…