• cluster of purple daylilies

    Diane’s Daylily Garden

    My name is Diane Porter, and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. We are a Zone 5 area here, so I like pretty hardy plants. Daylilies (Hemerocallis, Zones 4–9 for…

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    Close-up Views in Mary’s Garden

    Today we’re enjoying some photos from Mary Murphy. A few years ago I sent you pictures of my garden and ice lanterns. Today's photos are all close-ups. Look for some…

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    Seasons in Lyle’s Garden

    My name is Lyle Johnson. I have been gardening on a 60-foot by 180-foot city lot in Galesburg, Illinois, for a little more than 30 years. Over that time the…

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    Surprises and Lessons From Barbara’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Barbara Owen in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I’ve been enjoying the submissions from many gardeners showing their “best in show” or “summer highlights.” As I reviewed my photos…

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    May in Mississippi

    Today Peggy Sheets is showing us what happened in her garden in May. It’s late May in southern Mississippi, and I spied a camellia blossom (crazy this late in the…

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    Fabulous Fall Colchicums

    Today’s photos come from Kathy Purdy, a great collector of fall-blooming colchicum. I garden in Oxford, New York, which I like to say has a Zone 5 winter (sometimes even…